[image: three panels from a comic. First panel has Hawkwoman and Gentleman Ghost talking while Hawkwoman is dealing with a goon. Narration: “Vengence had ben the furthest thing from her mind then. She just didn’t want anyone else to die.” Gentleman Ghost: “Whitney?” Hawkwoman: “She can’t hear you, James.

Second panel has Hawkwoman flying out as Gentleman Ghost goes to grab Whitney, a very upset girl. Hawkwoman: “The other Thanagarian had fled. Will you stay with Whitney until the doctros come? I’ve got to find Katar.” Gentleman Ghost: “Aye Shayera, I’ll stay —”

Third panel: Gentleman Ghost is gently clutching Whitney close to comfort her. Ghost: “— and keep this child safe from the terror of this dark day.” Thinking: “But your people will pay for what they have wrought here. You have my word on it.” ]


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